The Energy Hub is part of the GEC group of companies
which help clients to improve their green credentials
in a cost-effective way.

Green Energy Consulting

Green Energy Consulting is a leading independent commercial energy consultancy specialising in renewable energy procurement and management. They help clients to reduce their carbon emissions and make savings on their energy bills.

Switch Gas & Electric

Switch Gas & Electric is an online comparison website for gas and electricity, fully accredited by the Ofgem Confidence Code. They provide impartial results and advice to make the process of switching energy supplier quick and easy.

Buy Business Water

Buy Business Water was established in light of the UK water deregulation in April 2017. They are designed to help clients get a better deal on their water and wastewater supply. Their services range from market comparisons to the installation of automatic meter reading (AMR) devices.

Buy Biomass Pellets

Buy Biomass Pellets is one of the leading suppliers of biomass pellets in the UK. They supply your home or business with pellets at the most competitive price from the most sustainable sources.

Business Buying Service

Business Buying Service is a leading procurement consultancy specialising in saving clients money across a number of business necessities. Their service offering ranges from vehicle tracking right through to cloud & IT services.

Green Journey

Green Journey offers a bespoke energy procurement and management service for Churches and Church organisations. This service enables them to reduce their environmental impact and save on energy costs.